Petra Reunion

A little while back, I made my first trip to Jordan’s most famous site. In December I received my Ikama (Residency permit), in the form of a grey plastic card with flowery prints, Arabic writing, and a hologram. With this card I now pay what Jordanians pay for admission prices. You may remember Petra as the place Indiana Jones, Sean Connery, and that fat guy ride up to in their search for the holy grail. Later you get to hear that old knight say “He chose poorly,” after the Nazi rapidly ages into a pile of bones and then Harrison Ford says “this looks like the cup of a carpenter.” If Gonch makes it out here we’ll go to Petra and I am confident a large portion of our ┬áday will be spent uttering those phrases. Looking forward to it. Another good part of Gonch coming to Petra is that he’ll be a tourist and have to pay the entrance fee of 50 Jordanian Dinars (around $70), but when I flash my grey hologram I have to pay just 1 Dinar.