Catch-up: My Mambo and the Holy Land

I haven’t been keeping up lately but the highlights have been my mom coming to visit, a trip to the holy land over Christmas, and visiting India. I’ll save India for my next entry.

In December my mom took the 7,000 mile trip to Amman. Her visit coincided with my 30th birthday and it was great having her around for a little over a week. She experienced her fair share of cabs ripping her off and taking her to places “that she would like more” (ugly shopping malls), than the destinations she requested but in general I think she had a good time. We visited sites nearby Amman including Jerash, the Dead Sea, Madaba, Mount Nebo, and Ajloun. Victoria and Katrina organized a great birthday party at a rooftop restaurant with a great view overlooking the city. I had a great time and appreciated everyone coming out, especially my ama.