Shotgun Wedding

M-16 actually but shotgun sounds better. When Suleiman invited us to his wedding in Wadi Rum, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. After telling some of my colleagues in Amman that I had been invited to a Bedouin Wedding, their reactions told me how special it was: my boss said “Jonathan how is it that in 25 years I’ve never once been invited to this type of wedding and you’re here for a few months and… ??” I had little idea of what to expect other than lots of sugary tea, chain smoking, and guns. We were not disappointed on any count.

We headed down to Aqaba to stay with Katrina and get our crew of ajnabis together. All together we were five: Paco, Alcira, Katrina, Victoria, and I. The following morning we piled into the Sunny and headed for Wadi Rum. Paco and I considered trying to find dishdash (Arabic robes) and keffiyeh (traditional headdress) but opted out as we didn’t want to show up looking too ridiculous, offend anyone, or shell out the money to buy them. The girls however came prepared. Katrina secured three traditional Egyptian dresses for them to wear. 

When they got ready and we were about to head to Wadi Rum Paco said “You guys look you’re ready for the circus.”

We showed up to Rum Village around 1pm and were picked up in the parking lot by one of Suleiman’s buddies. He drove us a short distance in the sand to a group of long L shaped open goat blanket tents. There we met our friend and the groom of the day.

The Groom

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